Are you ready to hit the clouds? Skilled Graphics can show you the way. With over 10 years designing websites, Skilled Graphics knows what it takes to design a successful website. Coupled with our expertise in branding, we can make certain that your web design & marketing represents your brand in a positive way.

A website may require the following…

Web Design & Marketing

  • Digital Mock-up Design

The actual design of your website. A graphic representation of what your website will look like.

  • Database Set-up

If you are using a CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc..a database when need to br created which will contain the content and other data for your website.

  • Software Installation

Installation includes uploading CMS files, website files or other files, from our local PC to your hosting server. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on server activity, connection and the amount of files.

  • Responsive Template Design

Template design includes design of your overall websites look and feel, including the header, navigation system, fonts, colors, etc. Your website will look great on any device.

  • Content Placement

Content placement includes placement of content that you will provide to us. We do not provide website content. We expect all content provided to be in its final state. We expect that content will be provided to us in the form you wish it to be viewed. Pages should be titled with the corresponding menu title.

  • Menu Assignment

Menu assignment includes the assigning of all content to a menu item in your navigation system.

  • Revisions to design and content

Web Design & Marketing

We do our best to design the perfect website for your business, and we will deliver that upon presentation.. However, We realize that sometimes the design will need to be changed to suffice company needs and we welcome any input our clients provide. Website development can be a tedious process, for this reason, it is important that you know what you want. We will do our best to develop a website according to your specifications, the greater the detail of these specifications the more likely you will receive exactly what you want. We will present you with a first draft based on your specs and our creative input. After that you will review and send comments for your first revision. This process will continue until your 5th revision. At this point further revisions will require an adjustment to the overall cost.


What is a revision?

A revision is any requested changes requested after the the design has been presented. We suggest that you make your revisions as detailed as possible, so that your revisions are used in the most efficient manner.
1 Standard Contact Form
This includes one standard form linked to an email of your choice with basic name, address and phone information and form below. We can also use the same type of form for additional persons needing to be listed. Any custom requests will acquire additional charges.

  • Login/User Registration Capabilities

This includes a registration function that can give the ability for visitors to register to your website to view otherwise locked content, or simply to become a member of your organization etc..

  • Banner or Ad Rotation Modules

This is an ad module that makes it possible to display ads from different publishers.

  • Blog

This includes the setup of a blog style layout on your website that you can use to keep visitors up to date on your website.

  • Site Search

This includes setup of the site search function, which is a small search box that visitors can use to search your sites content.

  • Additional Options

Simple Shopping Cart – basic cart with limited features
Complete Shopping System – a shopping system with many features and capabilities.
Flash Enhancements – some flash can be added to give your site an additional pop.
Social community – give your visitors the ability to join your community and socialize (similar to MySpace, Facebook etc…)
Custom Forms – have the ability to display custom forms for your site

What Is Expected From Our Clients

Before beginning a website a few things must be understood. We work hard to make sure our clients receive a great value in our service. We only ask for a few things.

  • Hosting and domain information must be provided

Our clients must have a domain registered, and Linux hosting setup, with at least one available mysql database, before we can begin working on their site. If the client does not have hosting we can host the site for you at an additional cost.

  • All website content must be prepared and ready to go up before we begin services. We will need a detailed layout in a text format of your choice, which describes exactly how you want your content displayed, including photos, headings and menu items. 

When requesting revisions, we suggest that our clients give as much detail as possible. If all you need is a change in background color, that will be counted as a revision. We have no limits on the amount of changes needed in a revision, however you are limited to only 5 revisions.

What’s the process?
1. You as the client must do your part which is listed above.
2. Agreed deposit must be made in full.. the rest upon completion.
3. Client must provide us with content layout, and any other notes, ideas, images, files, etc..
4. Skilled Graphics will then design a website based on the client’s requirements.
5. Skilled Graphics will submit the first website draft to the client for comments.
6. Skilled Graphics will make all changes requested by the clients, and submit the first revision for further comments.
7. This process will continue until 5 revisions are used.