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We were contracted to create a new identity for Smith’s Auto Repair. A luxury car repair shop for expensive cars and large budget customers. This would be very close to a complete branding project. Skilled Graphics had to define the brand, create a name, define the brand’s colors, create a mark/logo, design all office stationery and offer several conceptual designs.


mood board

We created a mood board to help identify the brand. The client would be targeting high-end clients that would spare no expense on their precious automobiles. Not your typical backyard garage. The mood board was meant to represent classic and luxury cars, quality, professionalism, luxury, and pristine services.


name consultation

The owners last name was smith, and they really wanted that included. They also hinted at maybe using the word “friendly” in the name. We gave them several options, with and without their name included. Far more than are depicted in the animation above. Ultimately through several back and forth exchanges with the client, we decided on Smith’s Auto Repair.


color strategy

We offered several different color strategy themes for this client and ultimately decided on red for passion and a dark grey for balance. We felt this promoted a professional and luxurious, yet edgy feel to the brand, which is what the client wanted to represent.


logo options

We provided the client with 3 options to choose from. The client immediately loved the winged version. The only revision required came much later, when they decided to drop “repair” from the name.


stationery branding

We created several stationery designs that incorporated the new name, colors and mark,


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The Smith’s project was not a complete in-depth branding overhaul, but it was a great step in the right direction. The client knew what they wanted and were satisfied with the outcome. While there was more that we could have offered them, we were able to meet their budget and still provide them with an identity for their business.

If you would like a branding quote feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to meet your budget as well.