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Attention Gamers, Clans and Teams: Now Is The Time To Revamp

With the launch of Black Ops 4 right around the corner and the confirmed implementation of clans and teams... NOW is the time to get back in the game! As a pretty serious gamer myself, I know the struggle clans have faced over the last few years with clans being left to fend for themselves. Many of you evolved and continued your journey, but a lot dwindled down to nothing. Well its resurrection time. With the announcement that BO4 will be supporting clans, its gametime!

There is no better time than now to revive that old twitter page, dust off the cobwebs and throw on a shiny new look. At Skilled Graphics we understand gamers, and we understand that each and every one of you want to be the best. Well if you are going to be the best, you need to look like the best, just like our friends @UrNmGaming.
That is why we want to offer you a chance to show the world that you are the best around. We are offering a package deal to help you revive those old Twitter pages, Youtube or Twitch channels. Below are the packages we are offering at a great discount. We understand that you are not necessarily businesses and a fair price is a MUST. So we will not be charging our normal prices that we charge profitable businesses. You guys are gamers and that makes you family, therefore you will received the Skilled Graphics family discount.
These offers are not limited to teams or clans, if you are a Youtuber or Streamer, or a gaming GOAT, you can get a fresh new look as well!

Package: Package Price:  
Twitter Package $35 Header & Avatar
Youtube Package $35 Header & Avatar
Twitch Package $50 Channel Header, Offline Graphic, Overlay

Those are some great package deals but we aren't stopping there. How's that clan logo looking? Is it time for a professional look? In addition to your new look, Skilled Graphics can design you a professional logo to represent your team, for an additional $50.

Need something custom? Well we have you covered. Feel free to Contact Us, or simply hit us up on Twitter.
We hope to hear from you guys soon and if you have any questions please don;t hesitate! Happy gaming!