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An Example of a Small Branding Project

There is a lot that can be covered when defining a brand, this is just a small part of what is usually addressed in a branding project.

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Logo Fun

Design is not always about business... sometimes we do it just for fun. Its a great thing when you love the work you do. Here are a few logos I did, just for the fun of it. 

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The Importance of a Branding Style Guide

Are you using a style guide to maintain consistency with your brand? Why not? Chances are if you do not follow the guidelines of a style guide for your business, your brand is suffering. A style guide sets the rules for how your brand is presented to consumers. If you are not following some sort of guidelines, your brand will lack consistency, and in turn, not perform at its full potential. Translation... You will miss out on potential income growth. One of the major keys to a successful business, is a successful brand. One of the major keys to a successful brand is consistency. A style guide is one of the most important tools you will receive from a branding package from Skilled Graphics. 

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Does Your Brand Need CPR?

Branding LifeguardHas your business slowed over the last few years? Have you done everything you can think of to reach your potential customers? Have you kept up with the ever changing trends in branding? These are questions every business needs to ask. If you are seeing a reduction or a plateau in your businesses revenue, maybe your business needs a little CPR.

CPR = Change Product Response

Basically what we are suggesting is that you change how your customers respond to your product or service. You could be selling a break-through product that everyone would love, but if your methods of selling, or your packaging, or overall product identity is not appealing to the customer, they wont look twice. As years pass by and trends change, so does people’s expectations and attractions.

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How Much Does Branding Cost

How Much Does Branding CostBranding is an important part of a business. Done right it can create a memorable identity that will represent your business in the eyes of your customers. Done wrong and your business can end up bankrupt. For this reason branding is an element of your business that you must invest in if you want your business to succeed. It can be expensive.

Why is Branding so Expensive?

The cost of branding varies from company to company. Bigger design firms have a huge overhead to deal with hundreds of clients at a time. The cost of branding with these large firms is going to be on the top end due to its large overhead. Medium sized firms will be slightly less expensive, but still require a hefty investment. One key to the cost of branding, is your businesses worth. What is your businesses value? How important to you, is your businesses success? It all comes down to value and worth. Your brand is how your customers or clients view your business. Your brand is what sells. If your brand is bad, it will not produce. If your brand is good, it will. For this reason you branding is a valuable part of your business. Because without it, your business suffers.

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The King Bows To Presentation

If Content Is King Presentation Is GodWe've all heard it before. CONTENT IS KING! This is true! When it comes to your online presence, your website, social media etc.. content is extremely important. Your content helps determine ranking in search engines. Your content is what the viewer is seeking. The better the content the better the engagement overall.

Whether your content is information about a state park, or a portfolio for your artwork. The quality of that content is what puts you ahead of the next guy or gal.

What if I told you that this mighty King, has a God and that God is called Presentation. While content is an important factor in your online presence, if it is not presented as royalty, it won't be treated as such. Your King needs a God! Presentation determines whether your content will be consumed or ignored. Presentation grabs the viewers’ attention, so that the content can reign supreme.

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Rebranding...Is It Important?

Boring Design vs Branded DesignThe importance of rebranding really depends on the current state of your brand. According to YourDictionary.com, rebranding is "The association of a new brand, trademark, image, or appearance with a product or service.". Wikipedia.com states that "Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders"

Basically we define rebranding as developing a new look, feel, or energy even, for your product, service, business, etc...

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