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Turning Traditional Branding Into Superior Branding

brandingToday's topic is "branding". Not just any "branding", but "Superior Branding". Let's start off by defining the term "brand". According to wikipedia... A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer. Though this is true, I would go on to say that it is much more than that.A brand, is indeed the identity of a product, service, or business, but it is also the deciding factor that determines whether a potential customer will purchase from you, or move on to a better represented product, service, or business. Your brand, is what defines, who your business, product, or service, is. Are you professional? Are you playful? Are you colorful? Are you "Green"? Are you political? These are some of the things your branding can portray for you. Your branding is basically your liaison to the world.

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How Much Bandwidth Or Disk Space Do I Need?

BandwidthIf you have your own website this question has probably crossed your mind at some time. If you do not have a website, but plan to in the future, this is a question that you will face. So, How much bandwidth or disk space do you need? Well it all depends. It depends on how much traffic you will be getting. It depends on how many files you will be hosting. It depends on the size of the files you will be hosting.Before you can figure out how much bandwidth and disk space you will require, it is a good start to fully understand exactly how band width and disk space works.

  • Disk Space
disk space refers to the amount of hard disk space the hosting company offers for your web pages. All your documents, graphics, animations, etc. all must fit into this space storage space.

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You Need To Trust Your Designer

trust your designerTime after time its happened. I have watched well-crafted and thought-out designs, evolve into disasters. Sometimes what a client wants is not always what's best for them. The problem is, how do you tell them without insulting them. I usually voice my opinion, and if the client clearly wants none of it, I back off. But should I? My reputation is on the line. Should I push the ideals behind my design?

A client hires a specific designer for a few reasons.
  • They love their work
  • They come highly recommended
  • They are creative
  • They are experienced
The designer has obviously done something that the client is attracted to. Whether it be years of experience, or a great portfolio. My question is, what good is the designer, if there is no trust in his work.

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So You Want To Start Your Own Business...

happy-peopleStarting your own business isn't quite as complicated as you might think. First things first, you need to take care of the legal stuff. There are several websites out there designed to make this easy for you. Even with all of the great resources available online it is still recommended that you hire a lawyer to keep you within the laws of your state.

Websites to help you with the legal stuff
Legal Zoom
US Small Business Administration

Now once you have a name for your business and the appropriate licenses, your business is going to need an identity. You will need a logo for your business. You will need business cards and other print materials. You will also need a web presence whether it be a website, social media sites, or both.

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A Website. A Portal. An Opportunity

What is a website? Is it just an online store? Is it just a place for you to vent your feelings? Is it a place to display your art? A website can be all of these things and more. A website gives you the opportunity, to say this is who I am, And this is what I do.

Before you create your website, you need a purpose for the site. What will be the purpose? What will it offer others? How can you benefit from it?These are very important questions.Do you wish to display your poems? Or perhaps you need it to act as a store to sell your product. The purpose is not that important, as long as you have one.

A website opens doors. It allows the public a chance to view what you would like them to view.

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Do I Need A Logo For My Business To Be Successful

corporate logosDo i need a logo for my business to be successful? Is that little icon really that important? These can be complicated questions, but the answer is simple. The answer is the difference in hot and cold, night and day, success and failure. I'm Dennis Bosher, Owner of Skilled Graphics. And I'm here to answer that question.

Lets look at it like this. What if you and I had no face?What if we all walked around without an expression?You could look right at me, and not have a clue about who i was. A persons face, is very similar to a businesses logo.A persons face shows who a person is, it shows what they are all about. If you see a man with a happy, cheerful, smiling  face, your going to get the impression, that that mans pretty happy with life, he's probably pretty fun to be around. You get a good idea about this persons character. Now imagine this same man had no face. Just a blank expression with no personality.

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